Software Development

At our development division, our first and the only aim is to satisfy our clients with the right solution, solution that is tailor made to fulfill the exact requirement of the client. We don’t try to fit some readymade solution to the customer or the solution which is not appropriate for the client’s requirement. We use the approach of listen, analyze and design. With this interaction process client feel attached with his product right from its development,which results in a perfect solution.
We achieve very high product quality due to a well-structured and elaborate system of work organization for our employees.
We believe that success is something which can be achieved only when we make our clients 100% happy.

Java Development

Java as core technology is one of the most preferred technology chosen by many organizations now-a-days, to build and deploy high-end web applications. Because a large percentage of web applications require faster, more productive development cycles, companies are choosing a rapid application development approach to extend their Java technologies. Besides greater deployment flexibility, leveraging the power of the J2EE platform brings several additional benefits to developers:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased security and reliability
  • Greater extensibility

Offerings of Java/J2EE Development :

  • Application Server Migration (e.g. Web logic, JBoss, Web Sphere etc)
  • Development of Java Software Product
  • Software Development using open source J2EE frameworks like Hibernate, Struts etc.
  • Performance Tuning
  • Web Application Development and Java Desktop
  • Web Application Development based on JSP / Struts
  • Applications migration to Java/J2EE
  • Developing J2ME Application
  • Java Architecture and design evaluation

Our company utilizes the following technologies for Java/J2EE development:

  • Patterns of J2EE Design
  • Applets/Swing
  • JDBC
  • J2EE compliant architecture design solutions/applications
  • JSP/Servlets
  • EJB
  • JMS
  • Development based on J2EE compliant application servers (BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere)
  • J2ME
  • Security management

.Net Development

Microsoft .NET framework is an object-oriented programming (OOP) model introduced to help developers create Internet-based distributed systems. It provides a platform-independent framework that enables developers to quickly build, deploy, and manage Web-based applications, smart client applications, and XML Web services applications. The platform-independence feature enables businesses to quickly integrate their systems, information, and devices, thereby helping users collaborate and communicate effectively.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET offers a unified, shared IDE for all DotNET-compliant languages. ASP.NET and web services enable programmers to build scalable applications for the future with better performance and less coding.

The advantage of .NET technology is the facility to program in multiple languages which allows programmers to use their favorite languages. Different modules of an application can be coded in any of the .NET-compliant languages and can be integrated as a single application. Microsoft .NET supports side-by-side execution, which enables installing and executing multiple versions of an application or component on the same computer and running multiple versions side by side.

Microsoft .NET implementations offer rapid time-to-market solutions at lower costs for your company without ever sacrificing availability or robustness. Quality, feature-rich software does not have to be, unmanageable, expensive or cumbersome.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development can make your business more efficient by improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs and improving productivity. According to the specific needs and budget of our customers, we use to develop the tailer-made custom software solution meeting urgency of the business need and costs/productivity statement.

We are committed in delivering best custom application programming services to end users. Our competence and experience ensures excellent services and products to our customers.

Quality control is as important in custom programming as it is in any other product, and our own custom programming staff who work directly with our clients and who are here when they are needed.